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Magnavox (Latin for "great voice", stylized as MAGNAVOX) is an American electronics company founded in the United States. Since 1974, it has been a subsidiary of Dutch electronics corporation Philips.


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Eligibility Specialist says

"--Constantly everyone for the crimes of a few. --Broken agreements, broken appointments I got fed up with all the threats. They constantly made us read about how they could terminate us for this or that, and it was especially irritating that after they made us read pages of grounds for termination, they always concluded that actually, they don't don't need any reason at all. Since they could instantly terminate us without reason, they could have saved a lot of time by simply reminding us, "don't disappoint us in anyway, ever, or we might fire you on the spot". Notice how one sentence can sum up the essential message? Broken agreements, broken appointments. After nearly 3 months in this toxic environment, I quit. They asked me to go to the parking lot at 1700 Magnavox lane to return my badge at 13:30 on Tuesday. I agreed. When Tuesday morning rolled around, they cancelled the appointment and told me that if I didn't show up I'd be fined $100. Wow, first, by mutual agreement, we set an appointment. Then THEY cancel, DICTATE the time and place of a new meeting, and threaten me with a 100 dollar fine if I can't make it. Obviously, their company culture is diseased. All-Star reminded me that I agreed to be fined 100 dollars if I failed to return their badge. They never said they would insist that I allow them to summon me to parking lots, cancel the appointments, then summon me to new places. I offered to mail the badge to them, but they simply told me that I must drive to another county to return the badge and rather than fine me 100 dollars, they have now granted themselves authority to simply keep my entire paycheck until I submit to their demands."

Former Employee - Hospitality says

"Accounting often made shortage on hours worked. No holiday pay for working Federal Holidays."

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